The Situation

Young people today face a number of food related concerns, such as poor nutrition, obesity, and hunger and, although home dieting has a lot to do with it, one of the biggest contributors starts at school! In 2010, more than 1/3 of U.S. youths were overweight per a study by the Centers for Disease Control in 2013 while nearly 20 percent of Minnesota’s 9th and 12th grade students were obese according to another study by the Minnesota Department of Health in 2012. Let’s analyze both these points for a moment.

The first study determines that there is undoubtedly a concern for a growing epidemic related to young people who are overweight. The second study confirms that the problem is consistent all the way up to high school.

The Correlation between Fresh Meals and a Head Start!

Recent studies have demonstrated that nutrition affects students’ thinking skills, behavior, and health, all factors that impact academic performance. Research suggests that diets high in trans and saturated fats can negatively impact learning and memory, nutritional deficiencies early in life can affect the cognitive development of school-aged children, and access to nutrition improves students’ cognition, concentration, and energy levels.

For example, one study found that 5th grade students with less nutritious diets performed worse on a standardized literary assessment (Florence, Asbridge, & Veugelers, 2008). Another study discovered that 5th grade students who ate more fast food fared worse on math and reading scores (Li & O’Connell, 2012). Similarly, a study that analyzed a healthy eating campaign that banned junk food from schools and introduced healthier, freshly prepared school meals found that participating students scored higher on English and science tests than students who did not take part in the campaign (Belot & James, 2009).

Do your children have a Fresh Start?

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