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Dr. Lorelei DiSogra of the National Cancer Institute explains that it is important to eat an assortment of different colors of fruits and vegetables every day. This is because there are thousands of phytochemicals found in plants, and some only exist in certain varieties. The following is a general overview of the main nutritional gems

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2 Quotes from Teachers Regarding Food


Kids love delicious food. It's as simple as that. Healthy food? It's a cooperative effort between schools and parents. We're here to help out both by providing healthy and delicious food. There have been changes to the guidelines that schools have to follow in regards to school meals. Let's look at two quotes that

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So what benefits can we gain from peas?


Let me list the ways: Weight Management: Peas are low fat but high everything else. A cup of peas has less than 100 calories but lots of protein, fiber and micro-nutrients. Stomach cancer prevention: Peas contain high amounts of a health-protective polyphenol called coumestrol. A study in Mexico City determined you only need 2 milligrams

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Benefits of Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes can easily be found in many fitness magazines or diet plans. The reason is that carbohydrates are necessary for energy but are not always available in the best forms. Sweet potatoes offer energy and other benefits while being very delicious. Sweet potatoes have plenty of vitamin A which acts as an

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Healthy and fresh meals impact performance? Yes they do! And it’s scientifically proven!


The Situation Young people today face a number of food related concerns, such as poor nutrition, obesity, and hunger and, although home dieting has a lot to do with it, one of the biggest contributors starts at school! In 2010, more than 1/3 of U.S. youths were overweight per a study by the Centers for

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