All Of Us Can Remember Our Less-Than-Pleasurable Hours Spent In The School Cafeteria During Our Days As A Student. More Often Than Not We Do Not Look Back With Fond Memories Of Tasty, Fresh, & Satisfying Meals But Rather Cringe At The “Mystery Meat Mondays” & Other Decidedly Tasteless Experiences.


DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS: We Believe That School Meals Must Be Tasty & Meet Dietary Guidelines For A Nutritious & Balanced Diet

FRESH & NATURAL: We Only Use Fresh & Natural Ingredients To Prepare Wholesome & Delicious Foods That Help Students Fight Diet-Related Diseases & Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

HOME-STYLE MEALS: We Cook Home-Style Meals That Are Culturally Relevant & Reflect Student Taste Preferences

FOOD CHOICES: We Provide A Flexible Menu That Can Be Adapted To Your School Needs

  • The USDA Foods Program (Commodities) Supports Nutrition Assistance To Schools By Providing High Quality Meats, Fruits And Vegetables, Dairy Food Products At Minimal Cost.

  • FRESH START MEALS Is Committed To Providing Outstanding Food Services & Delivering Unsurpassed Value To Our Partner Schools.

  • We emphasize team accountability for preventing food-borne illness and bacterial cross-contamination. Our food preparation and delivery personnel are all “SERVSAFE” certified.

  • *HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.

  • We deliver meals to schools within 30 minutes prior to serving time to ensure quality and freshness.

  • Our meals are served in large trays for family-style serving and are transported in specialized boxes which keep the food at the proper temperature.

                At Fresh Start Meals, Our Priority Is To Provide A Dining Experience Like No Other. While Frozen Packaged Meals May Still Be The Norm At Many Schools, We Do Things Differently.

We prepare school meals every day from scratch using only high quality and fresh ingredients. Our meals are both tasty to eat and provide the required nutrition to help students learn better.

Call us today and learn how we can provide your school with delicious and nutritious meals.


We strongly believe in building lasting relationships through outstanding customer support services, honesty and respect for our clients.

We start by listening carefully to clients’ requirements and working together to develop a customized meal program that meets their specific needs and helps them met their established goals and objectives.

We value our clients and work hard every day to exceed their expectations.

Quality Standards

We Follow Strict Food Quality & Safety Standards To Ensure That Our Meals Are Both Delicious & Safe To Eat.

Most School Districts Reduce Costs By Incorporating USDA Foods Into Their Meals. However, Most Charter Schools Cannot Participate In This Program Because They Lack Processing Capacity And Storage Facilities.

Fresh Start Meals has started a pilot-program that works with the USDA Foods program to help schools reduce food program costs. Schools that participate in the program can save thousands of dollars annually.

Just complete a one-page application for each school site and submit it for review. Upon approval, your school will receive a credit based on value of your allotment. Schools that participate in the program do not need pick up, transport or store. Fresh Start Meals coordinates all necessary paperwork and logistical efforts to store and process your allotment.

Call Fresh Start Meals today to learn how your school can save using the USDA Foods Program.


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