Kids love delicious food. It’s as simple as that. Healthy food? It’s a cooperative effort between schools and parents. We’re here to help out both by providing healthy and delicious food. There have been changes to the guidelines that schools have to follow in regards to school meals. Let’s look at two quotes that were featured in a national periodical regarding these very guidelines.

“Other than mandating more fruits and vegetables, the new regulations haven’t really changed anything except force manufacturers to re-engineer products” so they meet the guidelines but not children’s taste expectations, said Bertrand Weber, director of culinary and nutrition services at the Minneapolis Public Schools. “Now kids get whole grain doughnuts — whoop-de-do.”

The point Mr. Weber makes is absolutely true and at Fresh Start Meals we strive to go beyond the minimum guidelines. We offer Fresh, Healthy and Smart meals that are beneficial to the growth and development of your students/children that are, simultaneously, delicious as well! Meeting guidelines can’t be the standard when it comes to our children. Re-engineering something to meet a guideline isn’t beneficial to anyone. The mission has to be there from the start and Fresh Start Meals is all about it’s mission.

“We have to educate the kids about healthy eating,” she said. “If a kid wasn’t reading at grade level we would work harder to get them to read at grade level, but with food we’ve somehow abdicated that part of their education.”

Another great quote! Isn’t this absolutely true?! The incredible part regarding this point is that a correlation exists between nutrition and academic performance. Many studies have shown that sugary, fatty and salty processed foods can, in fact, inhibit academic performance. It makes sense, too, when you consider that when we eat heavy and processed meals we tend to feel tired and unmotivated. Again, we make great efforts to offer healthy and nutritious meals to ensure this very thing is avoided. Our bakeries prepare fresh bread as needed, our ingredients are carefully selected and taste is always considered so that we can meet our goals when it comes to delivering a fresh, nutritious and delicious meal. We offer field trips of our facilities as well so that students and faculty and see the wonderful process behind the creation of the meals they enjoy every day. That’s how confident we are about our goals and mission. If you are interested in a field trip for your class or in acquiring our services please contact us via our contact page above.